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Gardening tips for June

During June is it important to keep your plants watered as the weather gets warmer. Make sure to give your garden generous amounts of water regularly throughout the week to keep plants healthy. Hanging baskets and containers should be watered at lest once a day but be sure to water them more if it’s partially hot and windy. Shrubs and trees should have a dribbling hose left around the base for roughly an hour on warmer days.
However, make sure too keep an eye on the forecast and prepare to keep vulnerable plants protected ay night is frost is forecasted. Also we suggest keeping tender plants indoors until the middle-end of June.
June is a prominent time to mow the lawn, remember that little and often is better than a big attack once in a while. We suggest that it is best to cut the grass once a week to keep your lawn healthiest.
Birds should be fed throughout the year and in hot summer days the ground hardens and so it becomes difficult for them to find food. So put some bird feed out to help them build their reserves for winter.
Homegrown fruit and vegetables is a fun way to keep organic this summer, however keep an eye out for them in dry weather. Remember to water them regularly and keep picking the ripe produce from them to let more grow.
If your growing vegetables in a greenhouse be aware that sometimes greenhouses can get to hot. To prevent this make sure to keep them shaded on particularly hot days and it will help to spray the floor with water in the morning to create a humid atmosphere. However, don’t do this at night because the low temperatures and humidity might encourage pests.

Plant of the Week:


Cosmos can be annuals or perennials with large, long-stalked daisy-like flowers in summer

Sonata Series are compact annuals to 30cm, with finely dissected leaves and single, daisy-like flower-heads 8cm across, in shades of red, pink and white with yellow centre.

Widely used in borders or patio containers, Cosmos will flower profusely throughout Summer especially if the dead flower heads are removed. Grow in any moist but well-drained soil.

Brand New Delivery Van

Delivering to your door - the new Pyle Garden Village Van! Perfect for that garden furniture purchase!

The Instant Gardener

Pyle Garden's Steve makes an appearance on the BBC One programme 'The Instant Gardner' series 2, episode 7 - plants supplied by Pyle Garden Centre: 

The Olive Tree Restaurant

After School Tea Special!

Bring the kids for tea after school and get a half price kids meal with any adult meal.

3.30pm - 5pm Monday to Friday until the end of this term.


One extremely satisfied customer this Bank Holiday Weekend, everything supplied by Pyle Garden Centre & Woodworks, from the timbers for the framework, deck screws, fencing panels 1m x1m deck tiles and bags of stone to the ceramic pots and plants, 1 stop shop, no need to go anywhere else, we are grateful for the photos, thank you for sharing, next weekend they'll be back to complete the project with a purchase of one of our gorgeous sets of patio furniture.

Loulou Boutique

Loulou have been nominated for the Swansea Life Awards in Best fashion retailer category - www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SLVOTE16 
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