Soil & Fertilisers

It is important to understand the pH of the soil you are using as this is dependant on what plants and crops you can grow.

For more information regarding soils and fertilisers please ask a member of staff. 

Our wide range of compost if from the company Westland Garden Health for more information and to see their full product range check out their website:

The compost that we supply at Pyle Garden Centre is:


  • Multi-purpose compost 50 litres
  • Multi-purpose compost with John Innes 60 litres
  • Multi-purpose compost with John Innes 20/25 litres
  • New horizon peat free multi purpose compost
  • Jack's magic all purpose compost 60 litres


Gro Sure:

  • Container and basket compost 50 litres
  • Rose tree and shrub compost 50 litres
  • Ericaceous compost 50 litres
  • Vegetable compost 50 litres
  • Farm years manure 50 litres
  • Tomato planter large
  • Seed and culting compost 30 litres
  • Top Soil 35 litres
  • Bark 100 litre bale
  • Cambark chunk chip 70 litres
  • Gro bag medium yellow

John Inne's

  • Seed and sowing 30 litres
  • John Inne's No. 1 young plant compost
  • John Inne's No.2 potting-on compost
  • John Inne's No.3 mature plant compost
  • John Inne's ericaceous compost
  • Hort sand 20KG
  • Potting grit 20KG
  • Garden gravel 20KG
  • Pea gravel 10ml large
  • Pea gravel 20ml large
  • 6x manure 15KG
  • Bulb Fibre 20 litres