High Quality Sheds

We source and machine all our own timber products from forest to finish! We have a comprehensive range of sheds.

We also have the flexibility to design and build any size timber building you require.

  • Shiplap, Loglap and Weatherboarding
  • Post and Beam construction
  • Covered Areas

All our products are available at their retail outlet located in Port Talbot and at their additional outlet stores: Pyle Garden Centre, The Carmarthen & Pumpsaint Country Store in Carmarthen, the Clynderwen & Cardiganshire Country Store, Aberystwyth.

ACQ Treatment is available on all of our products. Alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ) is a wood preservative formulation made of soluble copper and a quaternary compound. Copper has been used for centuries to control fungi, and is highly effective against most forms of fungi that feed on wood.