Timber Fencing

We source and machine all our own timber products from forest to finish! A dramatic increase in production has now established Wood Work as one of the leading timber product manufacturers in the UK, producing and providing a choice to the customer of:

  • Agricultural
  • Fencing/sawn timbers and pointed post-rails.
  • Machined-turned
  • Softwood fencing
  • Traditionally peeled and pointed (where appropriate) posts-trails. 


We stock a wide range of fence panels.  We can provide an installation service on any type of fence design you wish:

  • Post and rail (Need image)
  • Feather edge boards (Need image)
  • Hit and miss (Need image)

Agricultural & Equestrian 

We always stock a wide range of agricultural & equestrian fencing products:

  • Menages (Need image)
  • Field Shelters (Need image)
  • Loose woodchip & surfaces (Need image)
  • Round pots (Need image)
  • Sawn timber (Need image) 

In addition to our wide range of garden products, we also produce garden fences that can be designed to meet any size or specification. For domestic, business and agricultural purposes, a range of timber products are available to meet any need. A guide to 'Erecting A Fence' is available for customers, providing tips and advice for anyone wishing to build a fence using our materials.

We carry a wide range of sizes, however, the sizes favoured are:

  • 4' 0" (min) 12' 0"
  • (1.2m - 3.6m) in lengths
  • 2" (min) 8" max
  • (50mm - 200mm) diameters


All products can be stained to meet the customer's needs. A wide range of colours are available.

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